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Quercus End-of-Term Checklist for Instructors

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Use this 5-step list to complete some end-of-term tasks for record-keeping and to manage student or TA/course staff access to your Quercus course after the end of the course lifecycle (1 month after the session end)

For a timeline of events for Quercus course and a list of suggested tasks for each point in that timeline, review the Quercus Course Life Cyle information. 

Planning to re-use your course again in the future? You don't need to rebuild! You can export your course and import it into a new course (see how do I export a course?). While not everything is included in this course copy, the majority of the structure is and will save you the time for rebuilding.

Quercus End-of-Term Checklist

Download any class recordings (e.g., from Zoom, MS Teams Meetings or OpenCast) you wish to retain, and 

  • If you do not want students to view course materials (i.e., assignment solutions or answer keys) after the term ends, you can unpublish items such as individual filespages, or modules.  
  • If you used Quizzes and had allowed students to view their responses and correct answers, you can turn off those options in the Quiz settings so students can no longer see them.

To extend the course end dates, you can contact us at [email protected] for assistance or follow the instructions on one of our guides: How do I set non-default start and end dates on a course? and How do I reactivate the +People Button?

  • 1 month after the end of the term, your course will enter a read-only state for students, TAs and Course Designers. The +People button also appears greyed out at this point. 
  • Once a course is in read-only state, students can no longer submit assignments or post to discussions, TAs can no longer complete any grading, and you can no longer add TAs or other course staff to the course.
  • If you require student participation in your course beyond 1 month after the end of the term (i.e., if you are accepting incomplete or deferred course work), you will need to extend the course end dates. You will also need to extend the course end dates if you need TAs to grade assignments beyond 1 month after the end of the term and/or if you need to add TAs or other course staff to the course after this time.
  • For more information on running a deferred assessment, please see our guide: Running an online deferred assessment (although the title refers to online assessments, the information on the guide also applies to in-person deferred assessments where student access to a concluded course is needed).
  • You can use the Announcements tool to send a closing message to all the students in your course. You can personalize the announcement by attaching files or embedding images or video.
  • In your closing message, you can share some of your own takeaways from the course, remind students of the key learning outcomes and core concepts of the course, or summarize some of the best moments of the course (e.g., presentations, discussions, guest speakers).

If you have additional questions about end-of-term tasks for your Quercus course, email us at [email protected] or schedule a consultation. 

You are done. Great job!

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