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How do I get student email addresses from Quercus?


Although it is recommended to use the Quercus Inbox/Conversations tool to communicate with your students, there are times when you would choose to email your students instead of using the Inbox tool. There are two methods to download students' email addresses in a CSV format: 1. A New Analytics report, and 2. The UT Advanced Group Tool.

This guide provides instructions on how to obtain email address via:

  1. A New Analytics Report (requires New Analytics to be enabled for your course)
  2. The UT Advanced Group Tool
Download emails via New Analytics Report

Before using this option, you will need to enable New Analytics in your course, if you have not already done so.

1. On the Home page, select New Analytics

2. Select "Reports"

3. Run Report for "Class Roster"

4. Run Report

  1. This filter option allows you to export reports based on sections.
  2. If no filters have been selected, then selecting "Run Report" will export a CSV for the entire class.

5. Example Course Roster Download

Data included on the course roster is:

  • Student Name (Family and Given Names in one column)
  • Student ID (Canvas User ID - this is not the UofT Student Number)
  • Student SIS User ID (UTORid)
  • Email (student email address)
  • Section Name
Download emails via UT Advanced Group Tool
1. Enable UT Advanced Group Tool in Course Navigation
  1. In your Course Navigation Menu, click Settings.
  2. From the tabs at the top, click Navigation.
  3. UT Advanced Group Tool is currently in the hidden navigation items. Click on the 3 dots to and choose Enable. Place it where you would like it to to appear in the course menu.
  4. Click Save at the bottom.
  5. Once you have saved your selection, you should see it in your Course Navigation.

2. Export Group Roster

  1. Select the UT Advanced Group Tool option from your course menu.
  2. Once in the tool, select the Export Group Roster option.
  1. Use the button to download a copy of the entire course roster (students only - those with non-student roles are NOT included in the export file).
  2. For this purpose, use of the "export" button is NOT required.


4. Example Course Roster Download

Data included on the course roster is:

  • Student (Family and Given Names in one column)
  • Canvas ID
  • SIS User ID (UTORid)
  • Section
  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name 
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