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What accessibility accommodations are available in quizzes?

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Accommodations in Quercus Quizzes are often related to one or more of the following parameters:

  1. students may require additional time and/or additional attempts to complete the quiz  
  2. students need to access the quiz on a different date and/or time than what is assigned to everyone else  

Quercus Quizzes offer two built-in features, Assign to and Moderate, that allow you to implement these accommodations.  This guide outlines the options offered by these two features and how to use them to implement accommodations.

Need some support to build your accommodations in Quizzes? Accommodated Testing Services (ATS) can support you in building your online assessment accommodations. Please see how ATS can help you with your Quercus accommodations for information on what supports are provided and how to request ATS support.

1. Use Assign to for due date and availability period accommodations

The Assign to feature appears on the Quiz details page when you create your quiz and does not require the Quiz to be published. It's typically used before students start a quiz. It can be used to provide the following accommodations for one or more students at a time:

  1. assign a different due date  
  2. assign a different availability period (available from and available to dates)

Both accommodations are illustrated on How do I assign a quiz to an individual student?

2. Use Moderate Quiz for extra time and attempts, and to manually unlock a quiz  

The Moderate Quiz feature appears only after a Quiz is published. It can be used either before students start a quiz or while students are writing a quiz to provide the following accommodations for one or more students at a time:

  1. add additional quiz attempts
  2. add extra time for timed quizzes
  3. manually unlock a quiz for which the availability period has passed

3. View Accessibility and Accommodation Options in Quercus Quizzes Video

The video (13:45 run time) provides an overview of the quiz options from an accessibility perspective, and the steps to implement accommodations using the built-in Moderate and Assign to features in Quercus Quizzes.

Thank you to our colleague Anna Limanni, U. of T. CTSI for sharing this video to the EdTech community!

Looking for more information about accessibility in quizzes and assignments? UTM has also published a guide on Accommodations in Quercus that details adding extra time or attempts to a quiz and changing a due date for a quiz or assignment.

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