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How can I time release videos by scheduling File availability?

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You may choose to schedule the release of video content within their Quercus course, instead of providing all video content at once. Within a Quercus module there are two options for scheduling the release of videos:

One method to achieve this is by scheduling the availability of a File (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint file, etc.).

If you would like to time release your videos by unlocking a module by a specific date and time, please see How can I time release videos by unlocking modules?

Before you can time release your videos, they need to be hosted on a platform, such as Microsoft Stream or MyMedia. We do not recommend uploading videos directly into Quercus due to course size restrictions. For more information on this, please review Which Video Hosting Site is right for you?

In order to add your videos to your Quercus shell, you will need to obtain the video's direct URL on the hosting platform. See How can I copy the direct URL for my video?

To create the File (PDF, Word Doc, Excel sheet, etc.) that will host your direct video URL, you may require access to Office 365 products.

1. Add direct video URL to Office365 Document

Once you have copied the direct video URL, it is ready to be pasted into any document to share (Microsoft Word is recommended). The above is an example of how you can set up your file.

  1. In your document, add any information or context for the video.
  2. Paste into the document the direct video URL you had copied previously from your video hosting platform.
  3. Save your document.
  4. Export or Save the document as a PDF. Note: For more details on how to do this, please see How to export from an Office program to a PDF Format.

2. Create Module to host PDF

Now that you have your PDF with direct video URL, log into Quercus and navigate to your course shell. Note: If you already have a module for this, skip forward to the next step 2. Add a Module Item.

  1. Navigate to Modules.
  2. Create a Module by selecting +Module.  
  3. In the Add Module window, enter a name for your module.
  4. When finished, select "Add Module".

3. Add a Module Item

  1. To add a module item, select the + button on your Videos module.

3.1. Add PDF as a New File

  1. In the Add dropdown, select "File". Note: The default option is Assignments.
  2. To add your PDF, select "New File".
  3. Select "Choose File" and navigate to your PDF on your computer.
  4. This allows you to choose a specific folder to add your PDF to in the Files area.
  5. Indentations provide extra spacing before the Page Name, used for visual hierarchy in a module
  6. When finished, select "Add Item".

4. Schedule PDF Availability

  1. To edit permissions and schedule the PDF's availability, select the Publish icon on that specific Module item.
  2. Select the "Schedule student availability" option.
  3. Add specific dates and times for the time you want students to be able to access the PDF.
  4. When finished scheduling availability, select "Update".

5. Confirm PDF Availability

  1. Confirm that the PDF is scheduled to release a the correct time. This will also be indicated by the red calendar icon, instead of the green published icon.

6. Publish Module and Select Student View

  1. Ensure that your module is published and visible to students by selecting on the no symbol. When the module is published the icon will be green with a white checkmark.
  2. To review what is visible to students, select Student View.

7. Confirm PDF Availability with Student View

Student view is depicted by a purple box surrounding window

  1. Select the PDF to check the date and time that have been scheduled.
  2. If the PDF has been scheduled then the lock date will appear.
  3. Once the lock date has been confirmed, select "Leave Student View".

Congrats! You've now scheduled the release of your videos by scheduling the File availability.

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