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What Canvas elements can be added to Modules?

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After you've created a module, you can add items to it. There are restrictions to the types of items.

  1. To add items, select on the + button to the right of the Module Title. (If you have a tutorial sidebar, you might have to close this to see all your available options).
  2. Select on the down arrow to drop down the options. The options are: Assignment, Quiz, File, Content Page, Discussion, Text Header, External URL, and External Tool.
  3. After selecting the item, and naming it if it is a new item, make sure to finish the process by selecting on "add item."

TIP: If you are adding an assignment, quiz, file, or discussion, create that element first, and then come here an link it. A module is designed to structure existing course elements, it's not necessarily the place to create them.

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