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How can I add a time limit for my quiz?

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You can set a time limit by entering the number of minutes students have to complete the entire quiz.

Timed quizzes begin once a student begins the exam and will not be paused if the student navigates away from the quiz. If no time limit is set, students will have unlimited time to complete the quiz.

During a quiz, students will see a Quiz Timer so they can keep track of time, and if a student opens a new window or closes the quiz, the timer does not pause.

If you would like to add accommodation options for specific students, please see What accessibility accommodations are available in quizzes?

  1. Navigate to Quizzes.
  2. On your specific quiz, select the menu (noted as 3 dots).
  3. Select "Edit".

2. Under Options, enable and add "Time Limit"

  1. To give your students a specific amount of time to finish their quiz, checkmark Time Limit and add the appropriate time limit in minutes.  Note: Quizzes are automatically submitted once the time limit or quiz Until date and time have been reached.

3. Add extra time by allow more quiz attempts

By adding extra attempts, this allows the student an opportunity to try the quiz again and also resets the timer. To give your students extra time via multiple quiz attempts, please see How can I allow for multiple quiz attempts?

Include extra time, right from the set up! Timed assessments are stressful; consider how you can include some buffer time at the end of your assignment to allow for the submission of scanned or other uploaded content. Some instructors set two deadlines; one for numerical response submission and one for uploaded responses. If you're curious about how you could set this up, or customize an assessment for your course, schedule an Assessment Review session.

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