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How can I copy a quiz with a linked question bank from one course to another?

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As an instructor, you may want to reuse a quiz with a question bank that was used in a previous year's course. This guide outlines how you can use the Course Import tool to copy individual quizzes with linked question banks from one course directly into any active course in which you are enrolled.

Interested in copying a quiz without a linked question bank? See our guide:  How can I copy a quiz without a question bank from one course to another?

Want to make your question banks available in another course without copying a quiz? The Question Bank Bookmark feature gives you a way of keeping track of frequently accessed Question Banks. When you bookmark a Question Bank, it can be accessed in any other course you teach.

2. Select Import Course Content

3. Choose to "Copy a Canvas Course"

  1. Under "Content Type" select "Copy a Canvas Course".

4. Search for your course to copy from

  1. In the "Search for a course" field, enter the name of your course and select it from the dropdown list.

Please note that you only have access to copy content from courses in which you are enrolled as an instructor.

5. Choose to "Select specific content"

  1. To select a specific quiz and question banks, under "Content" select the "Select specific content" option.
  2. Select "Import".

6. Choose "Select Content"

7. Choose your quiz and question bank to copy

  1. To see the quizzes in your course, select the arrow to open a list.
  2. Add a checkmark beside the quiz you would like to copy.
  3. Add a checkmark beside the question banks you would like to copy.
  4. Once you have chosen the items to copy, choose "Select Content".

8. Confirm the copy process has been successful

  1. Once the import has started, confirm that the process bar shows that the process is "Running" and then "Completed" when finished.

8.1. Confirm quiz has copied

  1. Navigate to the Quizzes index page
  2. Confirm that the quiz has been copied.

8.2. Confirm Question Banks have copied

  1. On the Quizzes index page, select the menu (noted as 3 dots).
  2. Select "Manage Question Banks".
  3. Confirm that the question banks you selected have been successfully copied over.

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