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How can I customize my Notification settings?

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Quercus uses notifications to email you with updates about your courses. These span from announcements to assignment updates to discussion board posts. You will have different notification options based on your role in the course.

While you can choose when and how you receive your notifications, we recommend that you DO NOT hide or disable notifications as they are used to communicate important course and administrative information.

Why would you want to update your notification settings?

  1. You might want confirmation via that email an announcement has been sent. This will help ensure that you are seeing what the students see; if something is missing, you can address it (e.g. images do not send in email versions of announcements).
  2. When you have multiple courses, you might be receiving a lot of emails. You can use these settings to choose when and how frequently to receive them.
  3. You can prioritize which notifications are sent immediately and which are delayed and sent in bulk (in a digest). For example, you might want to make sure that inbox message notifications are sent in real time.

1. Access your Notifications via your Account

Login to Quercus.

  1. Use the main navigation menu to access your Account.
  2. Select "Notifications" from the options on the menu.

Remember that some notifications are very important - for example, announcements - which might be used to notify you of time-sensitive course details (like an exam update or a room change). It is recommended that you consider leaving this setting to "Notify me right away."

2. Customize your notifications.

  1. Notification Options Legend: The Legend corresponds to the option icons for each notification setting. The options are:
    1. Notify immediately
    2. Daily summary (This seems to arrive between 5-7pm)
    3. Weekly summary
    4. notifications off (Use this option VERY sparingly); You are responsible for receiving these communications.
  2. Announcement Setting: It is highly recommended that you leave this setting on "Notify me right away" as this is often used for important, time-sensitive information.

3. Congrats! You've customized your notifications!

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