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How can I assign an individual grade for a group assignment?

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Group assignments in Quercus offer the ability to assign a single grade to the entire group. However, after you grade a group submission at the group level, you can change the assignment's settings to assign individual grades as needed.

This guide offers step-by-step instructions for assigning a different grade to an individual group member after you've assigned a group grade.

Before you begin

  1. To avoid releasing grades before they are ready to be shared, ensure that your Grade Posting Policy is set to Manually Post Grades.  When this setting is selected for the course or an individual assignment, grades are hidden from students until posted.

1. Assign a group grade in SpeedGrader

Before assigning an individual grade, you will need to grade the assignment at the group level.

  1. Select Assignments from the course navigation menu and navigate to the assignment you'd like to grade.
  2. Open SpeedGrader.

1.2. Enter a grade and feedback for the entire group

  1. Select the name of the group whose submission you'd like to view.
  2. Enter a grade for all the members of the group.
  3. Add feedback comments for the entire group, if desired.  
  4. Select Submit.

2. Edit the Group Assignment options

  1. Go back to the assignment, and select Edit.
  2. From the Group Assignment options, select Assign Grades to Each Student Individually.(Note: the warning in the orange box refers to the fact that you cannot change this to an individual submission assignment, not to the grading option).
  3. Save your changes.

3. Adjust the individual score

3.1. Return to SpeedGrader

  1. Return to SpeedGrader and refresh the page.
  2. The SpeedGrader drop-down menu will now show individual student names instead of group names.

3.2. Enter a grade and feedback for an individual student

  1. Select the desired student from the SpeedGrader menu.
  2. Enter the individual score for that student.
  3. Provide a comment (if appropriate). If adding a comment for the individual student, be sure to select the option Send comment to this student only.
  4. Select Submit to apply the grade change.

Revert the assignment back to a group grading for future courses! After you assign the individual grade, it's recommended that you can go back and unselect the "Assign Grades to Each Student Individually" option so that if you copy the assignment to another course, the setting will be ready for assigning a group grade.

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