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What should I do if I can't see my courses?

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Canvas/Quercus is an information display system. This means that all the pieces of information that are "contained" in the Q actually come from other U of T systems and databases. Student information comes from ACORN, for example (if you are a student who can't see their course, please contact your registrar and then conf. Instructor data, however, comes from ROSI. Before you'll see your courses in Quercus, you need to be enrolled as the Instructor (or co-ordinator) of that course.

Common reasons that you cannot see your course

  1. The course is not "starred" so it is not on your dashboard
  2. You have not been assigned a course role in ROSI - The EdTech Office does not enroll instructors or students in courses; this is done through your department.
  3. Your HR record is not up to date - The EdTech Office cannot update your HR record; this is done through your department.

1. The course is not "starred" (so it is not on your dashboard)

1.1. Check under "All Courses"

When you login to Quercus, you might see no courses (except your sandbox). By default, you should see all the course lectures, tutorials, and practical sections that you are enrolled in (in any role). If you are teaching, and you do not see your course, please confirm that the course is not listed under "All Courses" before you head to your departmental academic advisor.

Sometimes, courses are not displayed on the dashboard by default. It is recommended that you double check for the course under "All Courses."

  1. Select on the "Courses" icon on the main Canvas Menu.
  2. Select on the "All Courses" link on the options dialog.

1.2. Look for the course and "star" it

  1. Star/Unstar: Only courses that are starred appear on the main dashboard. If you cannot see a course there, but you see it here, you'll want to confirm that you've starred it. You can then return to the Dashboard to confirm. If no other courses are visible in this table, proceed to step 2.

2. Contact your departmental ROSI manager.

If you cannot see any courses, and you are teaching in an upcoming term, you need to contact your departmental office. Departments are locally in charge of updating Instructor enrollments in ROSI.

Looking for your departmental contact? Visit this list of departmental contacts.

When contacting your department, please include:

  1. Your UTORid
  2. Your Course Code
  3. Mention that you could not see your course in Quercus and want to confirm your Instructor enrollment

2.1. How do I know if my course is undergrad or graduate?

Undergrad courses are marked as XXX### followed by a H1 or Y1 (the H or Y indicated if the course is a half [one term] or full course [full year]), the 1 indicates the course is taught on the St. George campus.

Grad courses take the form XXX####HF and follow the same principles as above.  The grad courses do not have the campus digit inserted in them.  The easiest way to distinguish undergrad from grad is undergrad courses have a 3-number code in them, and grad courses have a 4-number code.  Grad courses are supported by the department offering the course.

2.2. After correction, wait 24 hrs, then login to the Q.

If a change was made to ROSI, it will take about 24hrs for the database to update. Once that time has passed, you can login and see if your course is visible to you.

3. Your HR record is not up to date

Contact your business or finance office to ensure that your records are up to date. If you notice that your enrollment keeps dropping, this is typically the reason.

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