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How do I cross-list (combine) my courses?

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Cross-listing allows Instructors to combine the enrollments from multiple sections into a single course. Instructors who teach multiple sections of the same course (such as multiple lecture, tutorial, practicum, or lab sections) may wish to use cross-listing to merge these sections into one course and only manage a single course's content and grades. For more information review the full guide on cross-listing.

A couple of notes before you cross-list:

  • The parent/main course name will remain as the course name that everyone will see.
  • Cross-listing works best for courses that have the same content, assignments and due dates.
  • This process should be completed before the school year starts. If you decide to decross-list later, it will remove any student interactions, submissions and activity that have been completed.
  • After sections have been cross-listed into one course the Instructor and others can filter many areas by the original section information.

If at any point you do want to decross-list, this process will have be completed by the FASE Education Technology Office. Please contact the EdTech office via email: [email protected] or on the Enterprise Service Center page.

Prefer to watch a video?

This video from UTM's documentation on cross-listing contains a demonstration of cross-listing in Quercus and also explains cross-listing and describes the terminology, benefits, considerations and potential issues.

1. Navigate to your Quercus Course.

  1. Log into Quercus (see How to Login to Quercus for more information).
  2. On your Dashboard, select the main parent course that will ingest the child course (if you cannot see your course, tutorial, or practical see What should I do if I can't see my courses?)

** In this example, the Lecture is the parent course, and the Practical is the child course.

2. Copy the Course ID of the parent/main course.


  1. In your browser URL bar, take note and copy down the number located in the URL. This is the course ID. In this example, the course ID is: 82763

3. Navigate to Child Course.

Leave the parent course and navigate to the course that will become part of the parent course.

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard, find child course. ** In this example, the Practical is the child course.
  2. Click on child course to enter it.


  1. In the Course menu, navigate to Settings,
  2. And choose the Sections tab.
  3. Click the title of the section you would like to cross-list.

5. Select "Cross-List this Section".

  1. Once you have entered the section, on the right hand side select the "Cross-List this Section" button.

6. Cross-list child and parent course

  1. When the dialogue box opens, enter in the parent course ID (copied from earlier) into the "Or Enter the Course's ID" box, and press enter or return on your keyboard.
  2. Once you press enter on your keyboard, the name of the parent course should show here. Ensure that the course listed here is the parent course.
  3. If the course is correct, then select "Cross-List This Section".

7. Confirm that your course has been cross-listed

  1. In Quercus, navigate back to your parent course.
  2. In the course menu, select Settings,
  3. And then Sections.
  4. Under Course Sections, you should see your newly cross-listed section!
  5. To continue cross listing more sections into the same parent course, follow steps 3 to 10.
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