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How can I copy a quiz without a question bank from one course to another?

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As an instructor, you can copy individual quizzes in one course directly into any active course in which you are enrolled. When you copy a quiz, any assets within that quiz (images, files, etc.) will be included in your quiz copy.

This guide will outline the process of copying a quiz in Quercus from one course to another.

If you have a quiz that has linked question banks, please see How can I copy a quiz with a question bank from one course to another?

  1. In your Course Navigation, click the "Quizzes" option.

2. Open Quiz Options to Copy

  1. Locate the quiz you wish to copy, then select the quiz "Options" menu (noted as 3 dots).
  2. In the drop down, select the "Copy To..." option.

3. Select a Course and Location to copy quiz to

  1. Enter the name of a course or course code in the "Select a Course" field, then from the list select the course into which you want to copy the quiz. Note: The Select a Course drop-down menu only displays active courses in which you are enrolled.
  2. To copy the quiz into a specific module, select or type a module name in the "Select a Module" field.
  3. To select a location within the module, select the Place from the drop-down menu
  4. Select "Copy" to complete the copying process.

If you copy the same quiz to the same course more than once, the quiz you previously copied will be overwritten with the newly copied quiz. To make duplicates of the same quiz, rename the copied quizzes so that the names are unique.

4. View Copy Notification

  1. When the copying process is complete, confirm that you see the "Copy operation started successfully" notification.

5. View Copied Quiz

Navigate to the course and Quizzes page you copied your quiz to:

  1. Confirm that the quiz has been copied successfully.
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