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How do I reactivate the +People button?

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The +People button will become inactive once the term end date of the course has passed but it is possible to add course staff by "reopening" the course, changing the participation level and adding a new end date.  

Why would you want to add new people to the course? Many add users to their course after the end of a course. For example, a new instructor to review an older course or a student to have access to materials for a deferred exam.

Instructors will not be able to change the  Course Participation settings and reactivate the +People button when a course is placed in a read-only state for Instructors (i.e., one year after the course end date).

If you need to add a person to a Quercus course that ended more than one year ago, you can reach out to the FASE Education Technology Office to reactivate the +People button via email [email protected] or by submitting a request in the Enterprise Service Center.  

Learn more about the course life cycle on the Center for Teaching Support and Innovation (CTSI) website: Quercus Course Life Cycle.

1. In your course menu, choose "Settings"

2. Select Course Details

1. Select "Course Details" (first tab).

3. Scroll to Participation and change from Term to Course

  1. The default setting for a course is "Term." Course participation is limited to term start and end dates.
  2. Change the dropdown from "Term" to "Course." Course dates override term dates.

4. Add Future End date

  1. Enter a new end date in the future.

5. Scroll to bottom of setting and select "Update Course Details"

6. Close the course after adding new people

Once you have added someone, it's recommended that you close the course again. This can be achieved by changing the setting back to "Term."

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