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Is there a Quercus course template that I can download?


Developing your course shell can be an exciting opportunity to organize and share information and engage with your students, but often times it can be a challenge to know where to start.

Using a predefined course shell template can help ensure that you've included recommended course components (especially for an online/remote course) and will also help build consistency among courses (which will help students more easily navigate course content).

If you are importing a public course template, your course will inherit some settings from the imported course template, including course visibility and content license settings. Be sure to review and change these settings accordingly, as detailed in the Review your course Visibility and Content License settings section of our guide, How do I import a course template?

1. Example Remote/Online Course Template

Example Remote/Online Course Template (created by Will Heikoop - Online Learning Strategies (OLS), U of T) - This template is an example of a fully online course. It includes tips and strategies, as well as some resources to help you be successful in this mode of learning.  It includes an online student resource called Is Taking An Online Course Right For Me.

1.1. Getting started with the example Remote/Online Course template

  1. Download the course template package and review the step-by-step instructions on how to import a course package to your course.

2. FASE Course Template

To use this template, download the .zip course file and upload the file into your sandbox or course (see how to import a course package). You can select to include all elements or select specific elements to import.

This template is still under development and we will be posting updates as regularly as possible.

Not interested in a template but curious about examples of Canvas/Quercus courses? In order to give individuals creating courses in Quercus some ideas for what can be created in Quercus the following public sites have been provided as examples. (Please note that these courses are not available as templates; they are just for your review.)

  1. INFO 101: Research Essentials  |  Zoe Fisher - Pierce College U of Colorado: This course has examples of Modules that use headers and indentation, the Syllabus (PDF and tool), and Outcomes. The overall design of this course is well presented into showing the structure that faculty can design their course, as well as it gives examples of assignments and quizzes.
  2. CMPT363 E100 User Interface Design  |  Paul David Hibbitts - SFU: This course's content is embedded from a separate site the instructor controls. The site makes use of the Grades tool, Modules and Syllabus.
  3. Tool examples built by Toolbox Renewal Project  |  Hoyeon (John) Cho, Phillip Christoffersen, Matt Clare, Sankhi Liyanage - University of Toronto: This course was prepared as an example of a variety of different configurations of Quercus' primary tools.

To view more course examples in action, please visit Example Courses.

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