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Where should I host my large video files?

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Many instructors use their own recorded video content as a part of their teaching, and often host their video files within their Quercus course. Although Quercus does have some capacity to host such content, each course has 3 gigabytes of storage (not including student submissions) and the Files area can fill up quickly.

Once the storage capacity has been reached and you try to upload more files, you will receive an error stating "Request Failed with status code 400". To avoid this error you can upload your videos to a video hosting platform and share the play or embed link within your course. This guide outlines this process.

You can check to see how much space you have left in your Files, by navigating to Files and scrolling down to the bottom of the page to see the quota storage bar.

To upload your videos to a hosting platform and share them in your course, follow these steps:

  1. Choose platform to host your video content
  2. Get the play link to share in your course
  3. Share the play link in a module

1. Choose platform to host your video content

If you are looking to upload and share video content to students, the three major options available to U of T faculty members:

  1. Youtube (Google) - Currently NOT recommended due to lack of access for distributed students
  2. Microsoft Stream (See Microsoft Stream FAQ)
  3. MyMedia (U of T Developed Solution)

For more details on each platform and a comparison of them, see Select a video hosting/streaming service.

Once you have uploaded your video content to a hosting service, you will need to share the video in your course.

  1. To share the play link in your course, see How can I copy the share URL for my video?
  2. To copy the embed code to add to a page in your course, see How can I copy the embed code for my video?
  1. Once you have copied the play link from your source, you can place it in a Quercus module as an External URL. For more details, please see How do I add an external URL as a module item?
  2. If you have copied the embed code you can embed the video in a page in your course. For more details, see How do I upload and embed media from an external source in the New Rich Content Editor as an instructor?
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