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How do I upload a video or audio file to MyMedia?

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This guide details how to upload content (both video and audio, which are uploaded in the same way) to MyMedia. MyMedia is a video hosting and archive for the University of Toronto's media content. You can upload both video and audio files to MyMedia.

Are you uploading content for a course? While you can upload videos via your own personal account, logging in via UTORID, you can also request a separate MyMedia account for your course (see How can I request a MyMedia account for my course?). For those who are uploading multiple files for use in a course, we recommend that you request a MyMedia for your course. This allows you to provide edit access to your videos to your teaching team and allows for multiple content uploaders.

1. Login to MyMedia

  1. Navigate to the MyMedia (you will need a working UTORid and password to access this service). Should you require some guidance, please see our guide on logging into MyMedia.

2. Select "Upload"

  1. After logging in to MyMedia, click the "Upload" button located on the top of the screen to bring up the Bulk Uploader.

3. Search for files to upload using the "Browse" button

  1. Click the "browse" button, highlighted in blue, to select your files for upload. You can upload multiple videos at once.

You can also record content right in MyMedia! Another time, you might choose to record content directly in MyMedia. See what you should know about this tool in "How do I use MyMedia to record my screen?"

4. Click "Upload" to finalize and begin uploading to MyMedia

This screen shows which video(s) are already ready for upload.

  1. If you would like to add more videos before uploading them all, click "Add more" to select another video.
  2. Click the "Upload x file(s)" button to begin uploading your videos.

5. Confirm that your video (or audio) file has uploaded.

Uploads are listed on your MyMedia homepage.

  1. You can use the "edit" option to modify the title of your video and to add a description. This is also where you can set your access parameters, including publishing the media, limiting to the U of T community, allowing for download, and allowing for discovery. For all video options, see "What are the upload setting options in MyMedia?"
  2. You can use the "share" option to obtain the permanent link and the embed code.
  3. If you don't see your upload, confirm that there was no errors during the upload.
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