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How do I set a quiz due dates/availability for course sections or specific students?

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By default, you'll be prompted to set availability for any quiz for your course. These instructions detail how to add a second (and a third and a fourth, etc.) release for students and/or sections that might require an availability accommodation. This is often done in conjunction with a time accommodation, wherein the length of time to actually take the assessment is also modified.

With these settings, keep in mind:

  • You can assign the quiz to everyone in your course, to course sections, or to individual students.
  • You cannot assign a quiz to groups within your course unless you convert these groups first to sections using the U of T Advanced Group tool (see How to Access the Advanced Groups Tool).
  • Ssing the settings on this page, you cannot assign the length of quiz writing time to a single student. If you would like to extend the "writing" time for a quiz for one individual student, use the Quiz Moderation page (see UTSC's "Adding extra time to quiz attempts").

1. Go your your course and select on Quizzes in your course menu.

  1. Select your course (if you don't see your course on your dashboard, select on "All Courses" to see all of your course enrollments).
  2. Enter the course that contains the quiz you'd like to edit.
  3. Select on your "Quizzes" tool page.

2. Select the quiz to edit and open the Quiz settings.

  1. Use the "Settings' menu to jump right to edit OR
  2. Select the Quiz title to enter it and then select "Edit" in the top right.

3. Scroll down and use "Add" to assign dates to a course section or to individual student

After scrolling down the settings page until you see the "Assign" section of settings. The above image depicts the "default" settings in a quiz.

  1. Use "+ Add" to assign the quiz a specific section or individual students with different due dates.

Details about fields in this section:

  • Assign to - By default, the "Assign to" field is set to "Everyone."
  • Due - This is the date and time that the Quiz is due.
  • Available From - The date and time when the Quiz will become available for students to start the quiz and
  • Until - The date and time when students can no longer take the quiz. (If a student begins the quiz, but runs out of time (either due to the due time or the writing time), the quiz will automatically be submitted on behalf of student, capturing whatever responses were completed up to that point.)

4. Set your (additional) due and availability dates using the "Assign" settings.

4.1. Select the sections or students that will have access to the modified quiz release.

  1. Select in the "Assign to" drop down menu to reveal the available options for assignment. (Note: You cannot assign a quiz to groups within your course unless you convert these groups first to sections using the U of T Advanced Group tool (see How to Access the Advanced Groups Tool)).
  2. For this example, we will select that "User Two" will have an extended release for the quiz.

4.2. Select due and available dates that differ from the general release.

  1. Compare the "Before" and "After" - User Two" now has an extra 24 hrs to submit this quiz (as compared to the rest of the class).
  2. You can add more releases as necessary to accommodate all the variations required for your assessment.

4.3. After you've added a section or individual, "Everyone" changes to "Everyone Else"

This gives you an indication that you have more than one set of release details. You can add as many accommodations as needed for your quiz, including multiple dates, times, and "assigned to" designations.

5. Save your modified quiz settings.

  1. Don't forget to save your changes! Sometimes this "Save" button appears off screen, so you might need to scroll down.
  2. While quiz editing should ideally be done before the quiz is published or begins, if you do need to make a change to a live quiz, it is recommended to select this "Notify Users this quiz has changed" option. This is helpful if you decided to change a deadline or other details as it lets students know (without a secondary message, though that cannot hurt).

Do you also want to extend the writing time for an individual student? Often, accommodations include not only start/end times and due dates, but also actual assessment taking time. To extend the time for an individual student, you can use the Quiz Moderation page (after the quiz is published) to extend time (see UTSC's "Adding extra time to quiz attempts").

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