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How do I upload grades via the UT OMR Grade Upload Tool?

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The UT OMR Grade Upload Tool can be used to upload grades to the Quercus grade area via a pre populated CSV file.

Before you begin, the UT OMR Grade Upload Tool requires activation. For general instruction on how to manage your course menu items, visit the guide, "How do I manage Course Navigation links?"

1. Export your CSV file

The CSV file should contain specific information so that it can work in conjunction with the UT OMR Grade Upload Tool. It requires columns for the (in no particular order):

  • "Student Number" or "UTORid" - a column contains the student identifier
  • "Grade" - a column that contains the grades you wish to upload.

1. Enter Grades from your Course menu.

2. Select Actions,

3. Select Export. This will begin the export, and will save the CSV file on your local computer (this may end up in your Downloads folder).

4. Open the CSV file.

5. Enter in the grades for the appropriate assignment.

6. The CSV file should have a column for the students' UTORids and the Assignment/Quiz with updated grades.

2. Activate UT OMR Grade Upload Tool in Course Navigation

  1. In your Course Navigation Menu, click Settings.
  2. From the tabs at the top, click Navigation.
  3. UT OMR Grade Upload Tool is currently in the hidden navigation items. Click on the 3 dots to and choose Enable. Place it where you would like it to to appear in the course menu.
  4. Click Save at the bottom.
  5. Once you have saved your selection, you should see it in your Course Navigation.

6. Select the UT OMR Grade Upload tool in your Course Navigation.

7. Select Choose File to select the CSV file from Part 1.

8. Select Upload Grades.

9. Select the radio button for Grade an existing assignment.

10. From the drop down, select the assignment or quiz that is to be updated.

11. From the column drop down menus, choose which column is the Student Number or UTORid.

If you have several columns, then you may have to use the scroll bar at the bottom to access more of the sheet.

12. From the column drop down menus, choose which column is the Assignment that requires grade updating.

13. Once you have selected the Student Number/UTORid and the Grade column, select Update Grades.

14. Check your Grades area to confirm that the grades have been updated.

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