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How do I change my Course's Home page?

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This guide details how to change your Quercus course home page. The default homepage is Announcements but you might select to change it to another Quercus element (like a Page you've created). You can also view the Canvas Community guide to change your course's homepage (front page).

Want to have some announcements AND something else? You can select to show a few recent announcements at the top of your homepage. See the guide How do I show recent announcements in the Course Home Page?

2. Select "Choose home page" from right side course settings menu options

  1. Select on "Home"
  2. Choose Home Page: Not all course elements can be selected as the homepage. These are your options: Course Activity Stream, Pages Front Page (you must have an existing page for this option to be available), Course Modules, Assignments List, and Syllabus.

3. Select from the options which element you'd like to be your homepage

  1. Select your new preference for the course homepage.
  2. Select the "Save" button to save your changes.

3.1. Using a Page as your home page

  1. Select this link: If you have not already selected a Page as your homepage, you can use this link to select one.

3.2. Select Page settings menu

On the Pages view, find the page that will be your home page.

  1. Select the 3 vertical dots to reveal the Settings menu.
  2. Select "Use as Front Page"

3.3. Confirm assignment as Front Page

Repeat your home page selection process by:

  1. Going to "Home"
  2. Selecting "Choose course home page"
  3. Select now available option for "Page Front Page"
  4. Select "Save" button

4. Confirm your new Home Page

You might need to refresh your course, but you should now see your newly selected home page option. If not, try these steps again and remember to save!

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