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How do I record a quick video to share via an Announcement?

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You can create "on-the-fly" videos using the Rich Content Editor (available in any Quercus tool with a text editor). This tool can easily help you create video or audio-only content.

We recommend using this tool when:

  • the media content is less than 15 minutes long
  • you have a stable Internet connection when you record the media
  • the content is informal, unscripted or unpolished
  • the content is only relevant to the current quarter or section

To record re-usable (more time intensive but more likely to be re-usable) content, we recommend visiting the guide on creating learning video objects using self-recorded screen capturing.

Before you begin: To record a video, you will need a working web camera and microphone. This can be an external device or one that is built into your machine.

1. In your Quercus course, create an announcement.

  1. Navigate to the course in which you'd like to send the announcement from.
  2. Select "Announcements" from the course navigation menu.
  3. On the right side of the browser, look for the dark blue button "+ Announcement."

2. Find and select the "Record/Upload Media" icon in the WYSIWYG rich text editor

  1. Select the "Record/Upload Media"
  2. In the drop down, select the "Upload/Record Media" option.

3. Record using the built-in recording tool.

  1. Select the "Record" tab.
  2. You can use the "Mic" and "Webcam" buttons to choose your hardware input and test your equipment.
  3. When you're ready, select on "Start Recording" to begin.

4. Name and Save your recording.

  1. Name your recording and make sure to save it.
  2. If you're not happy with it, you can re-record your video.

Since this is a tool intended for quick one off videos, there is no ability to edit recordings nor to capture your screen using this tool. You could hold up pieces of paper with content or aim your webcam as something you are drawing on and record content in that way.

5. Confirm that video has been embedded into your announcement.

  1. Once saved, your video should appear as a placeholder in the text editing window.

6. Specify the rest of your announcement and settings and select "Save" to schedule/send it.

As usual, finish the text component of your announcement, select your preferred settings, and select on the "Save" button to send/schedule the announcement for sharing to your course.

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