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What types of quizzes or surveys can I create in a course?

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When creating a quiz within Quercus, there are four different Quiz types to choose from. The Quiz type you choose will be dependant on if the answers are for practice, will be graded, or if you are sourcing information from students. Please note that we are recommending the use of Classic Quizzes and not New Quizzes.

The four types of Quizzes are: Practice Quiz, Graded Quiz, Practice Survey, and Ungraded Survey.

Before viewing the types of available quizzes, a quiz must first be created.

1. In the Quiz options, navigate to "Quiz Type"

  • Practice Quiz - Can be used as a learning tool to help students see how well they understand the course material. Students do not receive a grade for practice quizzes, even though the quiz results display the number of points earned in the quiz. Practice quizzes do not appear in the Syllabus or the Gradebook.
  • Graded Quiz - The most common quiz. Canvas automatically creates a column in the grade book for any graded quizzes you build. After a student takes a graded quiz, certain question types will be automatically graded.
  • Graded Survey - Allows the instructor to give students points for completing the survey, but it does not allow the survey to be graded for right or wrong answers. Graded surveys have the option to be anonymous.
  • Ungraded Survey - Allows you to get opinions or other information from your students, but students do not receive a grade for their responses. With ungraded surveys, you can make responses anonymous. Ungraded surveys do not appear in the Syllabus or the Gradebook.
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