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How can I export my Quercus course?

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At the end of the term, you may wish to create a back-up file of your course that you can import to a new course shell in the future. Export files can be uploaded into a new shell at a later date. Export your course and download the export file within seven months of the term ending. Use the Export Course Content tool to capture an instance of your course that can be imported into a future course shell.

Before you begin

An export does not contain everything in your Quercus course. An Export is a IMSCC zipped file containing:

  • A snapshot of your course content.
  • No student enrollments, and
  • No user interactions.

Export your Quercus course

Don't open your zip file! Zipped Export files should only be opened through the import tool in Quercus. Unzipping and opening these files on your computer can compromise the course data and break your back-up.

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