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How can I display Student IDs in the Gradebook?

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The Gradebook helps instructors easily view and enter grades for students. However, when entering grades for students who have the same name, the Teaching Team may require meaningful identifying information, such as their Student number or ID.

In order to complete the following steps, you must activate the "new Gradebook".

  1. Log into Quercus (see How to Login to Quercus for more information).
  2. On your Dashboard, select your Course (if you cannot see your course, see What should I do if I can't see my courses?)

2. Activate the New Gradebook

You will know if you have the old gradebook if the new gradebook is not currently turned on.

  1. From your Course menu, choose "Settings".
  2. Activate the New Gradebook by turning on the switch. You will know it is turned on because you will see a white checkmark on a green background). If this switch is already turned on, then you are using the new Gradebook.


  1. In your Course menu, select "Grades".

4. Activate the Secondary Display information in Grades.

  1. Once in the new Gradebook, hover your cursor to the right of Student Name and select the 3 dots that appear.
  2. Choose "Secondary info",
  3. From here, you can choose what type of information you would like displayed (underneath their name):

Section - Section the student is in

SIS ID - Student number

Login ID - UTORid

None - No information is displayed


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