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How can I request Quercus access for non-U of T (external) people?


Instructors can request guest accounts that can then be shared to their external guests. These "QQ" accounts are associated with the external person's email and have a set expiry date.

You can customize the visibility of your course for all users and all access to different people (including making your course available to those enrolled in your course, which is the default, the entire institution, or publicly available).

1. Complete the Request Guest Quercus Accounts form

Please fill out and submit the Request Guest Quercus Accounts form.

2. Download the "Guest Account Request Template"

3. Fill out the template (please keep it as a .csv file) using the required column formatting

  • Do not use column headers
  • Required format is firstname, surname, email address
  • Please name your file using this naming convention: [name_coursecode_expirydate]

4. Email your request to [email protected]

While we process these requests as quickly as possible, it can take a few days before the accounts are created. Additionally, it takes 24 hrs after the accounts are created for them to be available for enrollment in your course.

Don't forget! After you've requested your accounts, you'll want to enroll them in your course and to communicate to the account users what do to access the course (login directly to

QQ Accounts do not receive automatic Quercus notifications. You will need to email them directly to let them know how to login (go to If you'd like for them to receive emails, they can add an additional email address to their Quercus profile to get them going forward.

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