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How can I view my quiz as a student?

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After a quiz has been created and saved in Quercus, you can use "Student View" to see the quiz as a student would.  

"Preview" option - When you create and save a quiz, there is an option to use the Preview. However, we recommend to use Student View instead, as it is a more accurate representation of the quiz as a student.

1. Navigate to "Home" to access Student View

  1. To find "Student View", navigate to Home or Settings.
  2. Select "Student View" on the top right side of the page.

2. Navigate to "Quizzes" to select the specific quiz

Once you are in Student View mode, a magenta box around the screen will be visible. When you are ready to leave "Student View" select the "Leave Student View" button in the lower right corner.

  1. Navigate to "Quizzes"
  2. Select the quiz you would like to test.

3. Take the Quiz

  1. To begin the quiz, select "Take the Quiz". From here, you are able to test the quiz as a student would.
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