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How do I modify the menu items on my course navigation menu?

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This guide provides instructions on how to modify the default course navigation menu.

When you begin to build your course, you will need to decide which menu items will be accessible to students. It is recommended to streamline your menu - hide the items that you will not be using in your course and order them based on frequency of use (if possible).

1. Example Course Menu

Special note: The Settings page is never available to students.

2. How to modify the course navigation menu

  1. Select "Settings" from Course Menu.
  2. Select Navigation from the available tabs.
  3. Select on item hamburger menu or drag and drop menu items to enable/disable.
  4. Select on "Save" to save any changes that you've made.

Please note:

  • The tile order corresponds to the order in the sidebar. If you would like to rearrange the order, modify the tile order within the Settings as described above. Remember to save any ordering changes you make.
  • Enabling a menu item does not necessarily make it visible to students (ex. If there is no content contained within a particular menu item, it will remain invisible until content has been added.)
  • Menu item availability does not apply to TAs (See course roles and permissions for a full breakdown of abilities.)
  • Menu items cannot be renamed
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