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How do I set a non-default end date on a course?


It might happen that, as an Instructor, you might want to provide access to a Quercus course beyond the default term settings that Quercus pulls from ROSI. You can do this by setting your own start and end dates for your course. This is used frequently to provide access to courses for deferred exams but there are a number of reasons why you might want to extend access for your students.

Are you extending course dates to support a deferred exam? This is often done to allow the writing of a deferred exam from a Quercus course. Please note that by extending these dates, you are extending them for everyone enrolled in the course. This is not usually an issue, but you will want to create a copied final assessment and we suggest putting deferred in the title. You'll also want to assign specific students to the assessment to avoid confusion. If you have any questions about this process, please contact use at [email protected].

Curious about default dates? Review the Quercus Course Lifecycle for more information.

  1. Select on "Settings."
  2. Select on "Course Details" to make this tab your active tab (this is likely the default tab open).

2. Scroll to Participation and change from Term to Course

  1. The default setting for a course is "Term". Course participation is limited to term start and end dates.
  2. Change the dropdown from "Term" to "Course". Course dates override term dates.

3. Add Future End date

  1. Enter a new end date in the future.

4. Scroll to bottom of setting and select "Update Course Details."

  1. Don't forget to save your changes!

Once you are finished providing access to your course (including students writing their deferred exam), it's recommended that you close the course again. To clear the extended dates and close the course again, simply set the course participation back to "Term" and select "Update Course Details" to save the changes.

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