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Access your O365 Applications using the Microsoft Application Launcher

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This guide shows you an easy way to find the U of T's current available Office 365 (O365) applications. The tools available as part of your U of T community affiliation vary by role and can change over time. New tools are frequently added, while others are removed (e.g., Stream Classic was replaced by Stream on Sharepoint in August 2023).

1. Visit in your preferred browser

  1. Type into your browser's navigation bar.
  1. Select on the Microsoft App Launcher (waffle or grid menu)
  2. After expanding the menu, select the application you would like to launch.
  3. Optional: If you don't see the application you are looking for, select on "All apps" for more options.

Why do some people call it a waffle menu? Microsoft uses a waffle (or grid) menu to organize it's applications. This type of menu is characterized by rows and columns of items (a grid) to choose from. It can also look like a waffle. Learn more about navigation trends.

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