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How do I remove the date and time from a OneNote notebook?

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OneNote is used for a variety of different teaching activities (see Microsoft's overview of what OneNote can do). One of them is to record while you write and draw on blank or pre-created content using Microsoft's cloud based tool, OneNote.

Before you begin your recording, we strongly recommend removing the date and time from your recordings. We typically encourage the removal of any contextual information (e.g. weather, current events, sports team sucess, etc.) to help ensure re-use and longevity. You do not want to date your videos before you've even released them to your students.

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  1. Open the OneNote desktop application
  2. Remove the date/time from your OneNote pages

For detailed instructions, see Microsoft's support guide to change or remove the page creation date or time in OneNote.

1. Open the OneNote desktop application.

Even if you use the web version to do your actual content authoring, you need to install and open the desktop version of the application to remove the time and date from your OneNote page.

2. Double click the date/time from your OneNote pages to edit/remove

  1. Double select on the date and time area (in the desktop app only) to reveal editing properties. You can then delete or change the date and time information. We recommend removing this information entirely if you are planning to re-use this content from year to year.
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