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How do I request a Microsoft Team?

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MS Teams can be requested for non-academic use. If you have an academic (for use in a course) requirement, please contact [email protected] to discuss.

Request a Microsoft Team

Send your new Team request either via email or through the Enterprise Service Center portal (see the details below).

In your request, please include:

  1. Team Name - Once a Team is created, the URL name is permanent and cannot be changed.
  2. Owners Names and Email Addresses - A team should have two designated owners.
Send request through Enterprise Service Center

To submit your request on the Enterprise Service Center portal:

  1. Access the Request Form on ESC
  2. In the Please indicate the area in which you are experiencing an issue: field select Microsoft Office 365 Applications
  3. In the Further specify the area: field select Teams
  4. Describe your request - add the Team Name, Owners Names and Email Addresses
  5. Select Submit button
Send request via email

Send your request to [email protected]

For full Teams documentation, please review "U of T Terms of Use – Microsoft Office 365 Teams."

Details of Note:

  • Faculty and Staff with a U of T Office 365 account may request that a Team to be set up.
  • Participation in a Team may be extended to anyone in the University community, including appropriate External users where there is an academic or administrative reason for inclusion.
  • Users can access Teams by invitation only.
  • A Team is given 10GB default space.
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