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How do I create an anonymous survey (form)?


In order to get a truly anonymous response, we recommend Microsoft Forms with the below settings selected since Quercus surveys can be de-anonymized by members of the teaching team.

If you are using this survey to hold a class vote, you might consider using your options to allow students two choices that you can live with, versus a "yes/no" vote. This will hopefully save you a round of voting and ensure that the option selected is one that works for you.

Considering surveying your class in order to make a change to your syllabus? Review your options (see "How to Hold a Class Vote") on how to use Microsoft Forms and Surveys on Quercus to conduct a vote modifying the method of evaluation.

1. Login to your O365 account and go to Microsoft Forms.

Go to to login (or use your waffle menu to view your apps).

  1. Select on Forms.
  2. If you don't see Forms, you might have to visit "All Apps" to search for it.

1.1. Alternate Method of Accessing Forms via O365 Waffle Menu

2. Set your form to collect anonymous responses.

  1. Go to the "More Options" menu.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select the "Only people in my organization can respond" radio button. De-select "record name" and select "one response per person."

3. Share your form to your Quercus course (or otherwise).

After building out the elements of your form, you can share it to those who will be filling it out.

  1. Navigate to "Share" options.
  2. Ensure that "Only people in my organization can respond" is selected.
  3. Copy the URL for pasting into your communication.
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