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How do I collaborate with others on a form?

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After creating a form, Microsoft Forms allows you to collaborate with other users (i.e. other professors and TAs) on a single form, with edits appearing in real time. This guide shows how to share your form with others for the purposes of collaboration.

This is not the method you should use if you want to share your form with your students to take the quiz, as this will give them editing permissions.

After selecting a form and clicking the "Share" button at the top-right corner of the page, this screen should appear.

  1. Share button - expands and closes the "Share" menu
  2. Permissions settings - clicking on this tab reveals a dropdown menu where you can change who can collaborate with you on the form. Up to 100 people can co-author a form with you. There are three options:
    • Any users with an O365 work or school account
    • People in my organization (everyone who has UofT credentials)
    • Specific people in my organization (this is likely the one you will be using most often)
  3. Collaborate link - copy and paste this link to the users you wish to collaborate with. This is a unique link and will not be generated again after it is removed (see below point)
  4. Delete link - click this button and click "Remove link" in the confirmation box to remove the collaborate link, so that it becomes unusable to anyone who tries to click on it. To re-share a form, you will have to create a new (unique) collaborate link to send. 

Only you, as the form author, are allowed to change permissions settings.

Collaborators will also be able to see who is currently editing which part of the form. Display icons with initials of the person’s name will appear on the left side of the section they are editing.

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