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How to create a shared, editable folder


This guide demonstrates how to create a shared to the University of Toronto editable folder. This is useful for when you'd like to share a folder to colleagues and have them upload and modify the contents of that folder. These settings enable anyone with a UofT O365 account to access the folder, so be careful with how you select to use it.

If you are participating in the Bb Collaborate Archival Support Service, please follow these instructions to generate a folder for this project that can entered on your project webform submission.

1. Go to OneDrive

Login to your O365 account using your UTORid and Password. Please note that there are multiple ways to create a shared OneDrive folder; this is just one method.

  1. Use the Menu to open your O365 apps.
  2. Navigate to OneDrive.

Can't see OneDrive? Select Office 365 in the top right (or All apps) to see more!

2. Select "+New" button > Folder

  1. Confirm that you are in OneDrive.
  2. Select on "New" blue button.
  3. Select on "Folder."

3. Enter your Folder Name

  1. Name your folder. If you are participating in the Bb Collaborate Archive service, we recommend naming it with your course code and a subtitle indicating that the folder will be used to save your recordings.

4. Change the Sharing Permissions on your Folder

  1. The default sharing permission is PRIVATE. To create a folder that others can edit, you must change the permission to shared.

4.1. Open the folder settings using the settings menu

  1. Select on the settings menu to expand it.
  2. Select on the "Share" option.

4.2. Change to "People in University of Toronto" and "Allow Editing"

  1. Select on "People you specify can view"
  2. Change the default "People you specify can view" to "People in University of Toronto with the link"
  3. Select "Allow Editing"
  4. Select Apply
  1. Note that the sharing permission is now "People in University of Toronto with the link can edit;" if yours does not say this, please return to the previous step and make sure you've selected "Allow Editing."
  2. Select on "Copy Link"

4.4. Copy the URL for the folder

  1. Select on the "Copy" button to save the link to you clipboard.

The folder is now created and you can return to it in your OneDrive as needed.

  1. If you are completing this process to participate in the Bb Collaborate Archival Support service, please copy the URL to this folder into the webform during your submission process.

6. Confirm new sharing settings

After you've changed the sharing settings (and this might take a bit of time or a hard refresh of your browser), you should see that the folder sharing setting has changed from "Private" to "Shared".

  1. Note if the new sharing setting is "Shared."
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