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Can I record my PowerPoint presentation?

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Recording in PowerPoint is fairly easy to do. It's good for a quick and easy narration over slides. It allows you to annotate over slides, record picture in picture, and review the audio recordings for each slide individually. 

There are a couple things to be wary with recording in PowerPoint:

  1. Only one audio recording is saved for each slide (if you redo a slide, there's no going back if you liked the previous recording better)
  2. Audio is saved for each slide - that means no narration between slides, as it will not record that
  3. If no audio is saved for a slide, the recording will still go through each slide, using a default timing set when exporting. (Not necessarily a bad thing, just something to be aware of)
  4. Recording narration through PowerPoint can only be done with the desktop version of PowerPoint, not the web version

For more information on setting it up, see Microsoft's guide on how to record a slide show with narration and slide timings.

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