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How do I schedule a webinar in MS Teams?

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Microsoft Teams Webinars is a feature available in Microsoft Teams that allows you to

  • schedule your webinar
  • register attendees
  • run an interactive presentation
  • analyze attendee data for effective follow-up

Teams Webinars are different from Teams Meetings. Webinars are structured meetings where presenters and participants have clear roles. A key difference between Webinars and Meetings is that webinars support registration and provide attendee engagement data.

This guide outlines step-by-step instructions for scheduling a Webinar in Microsoft Teams.

Overview of MS Teams Webinars

You can use Teams Webinars to host online presentations. Webinars are useful for conference keynotes or meetings where a few presenters are talking to a large audience where presenters and participants have clear roles:

  • One or multiple presenters can share content, videos, and audio.
  • Participants can view the content and optionally engage with the presenters. Audiences engage through reactions, posting in the chat, or answering poll questions. Attendees can’t share their own audio, video, or content, unless allowed by host

Features of Teams Webinars include:

  • Custom registration pages
  • Attendee emails
  • Rich presentation options
  • Host controls, such as the ability to disable attendee chat and video
  • Post-event reporting to understand participation and to follow up with attendees

Anyone at the University of Toronto with access to Teams can schedule a Teams webinar using their Teams calendar.

Webinars can support up to 1,000 attendees.

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1. Schedule the webinar

1.1. Create the webinar in Teams Calendar

  1. Open Teams Calendar
  2. Select New Meeting
  3. In the new meeting select the Require registration option and choose  For people in your org and guests or For everyone

If you select ‘For everyone’, all users, including anonymous users, can register for and attend the webinar. If you select ‘For people in your org and guests’, only users with UofT-issued email addresses can register for the webinar.

1.2. Add the webinar details

  1. Add the title
  2. Add presenters (optional, if more than one presenter will be hosting the webinar)
  3. Select the date and time
  4. Add a description

1.3. Prepare registration form for attendees

1.3.1. Create a registration form

You can create a registration form for prospective attendee to fill out before receiving the webinar join information.

  1. Select ‘View registration form’. This is the form you will send out to potential attendees.
1.3.2. Complete and save the registration form details

Complete the following details on the registration form

  1. Fill in the Event details section
  2. Modify the Register for this event section. You can add pre-defined or custom fields. (optional)
  3. Add information about speakers (optional)
  4. Upload a cover picture (optional)
  5. Select Save button to save and preview your registration form

1.4. Save the webinar

  1. Once you complete setting up all sections, select 'Send' button to schedule the webinar and invite the additional presenters (if available). After this step, the registration link for potential attendees becomes active.
3. Choose your webinar settings
  1. Open the webinar event in your Teams Calendar
  2. Select Change Options and make all required changes

Default Webinar settings are very similar to the default Meeting settings. The difference is that the Who can present? setting is set to Only me and co-organizers. Co-organizers and interpreters must be invited separately and individually.

4. Download the registration report

Download the registration report for data about who registered and how they responded to the registration questions:

  1. Open the webinar event in your Teams Calendar
  2. Select the Attendance tab
  3. Select the Download button to download a .csv file with the registration report
  4. Check out the information about registered attendees in the Participants section in the .csv file

Want to learn more about MS Teams Webinars? Check out this Connect+Learn session recording about Microsoft Teams Webinars

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