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How to add a co-owner to your Microsoft Stream (Classic) videos

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This guide will provide you with the steps to add a co-owner to your Microsoft Stream (Classic) videos. This is recommended when the uploader is not the only one who should be able to administer the videos (e.g., a TA records content for a course).

As of August 29, 2023, Stream (on SharePoint) will replace Microsoft Stream (Classic). We highly recommend that you do NOT upload any new content to MS Stream.

Before August 29, 2023, you will need to download any videos you have in Microsoft Stream (Classic). If you need to download a video that was recorded or uploaded by someone else, you will not be able to download it unless that person makes you a co-owner.  Similarly, if you are assigning someone to download any Stream (Classic) videos that you uploaded or recorded, they will not be able to do that unless you make them a co-owner of each of the videos.

For complete details about this change, please review the following documentation:

Before you begin

Log in to your Microsoft 365 account at, using your UTORid and password.

Add a co-owner to your Stream Classic Videos

You will need to assign co-ownership permissions for each video individually. This cannot be done in bulk.

1. Access Microsoft Stream (Classic)
  1. Open the Office 365 apps menu (waffle icon)
  2. Select Stream from the list of apps.  
2. Find your videos
  1. Select My Content to view a list of your videos.
  2. Select Videos to see a list of all your video content.
  3. Select the Edit Video Details icon (the pencil icon) to open the edit page for the video where you want to add a co-owner.
3. Assign a co-owner to your videos
  1. Navigate to the Permissions pane (in the middle of the page).
  2. Select People from the drop-down list in the Share with menu,
  3. Start typing a name into the box, then select the Search icon (magnifying glass).
  4. Select the correct person from the search results. If you wish, you can continue to search for and select more people to add as co-owners.
  5. Check the box in the Owner column beside the name of each person you've added.
  6. When done, select Apply at the top of the page to save your changes.
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