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How can I add an MS Form as an add-in to PowerPoint?

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A new Forms Present mode feature is now available in Microsoft PowerPoint and enables you to solicit real-time feedback from students and encourage active participation by embedding MS Forms surveys or quizzes into your PowerPoint presentations. This feature is a free and easy-to-set-up alternative to other Student Response Systems (SRS) (also known as classroom response systems (CRS), such as Mentimeter.

This guide shows how to access and use the Forms Present mode feature in Microsoft PowerPoint on Windows OS and MacOS.

Before you begin

Make sure you are logged in to your U of T O365 account.

In PowerPoint (or another MS 365 app on your computer) do the following:

  1. Select on your name in the top right corner.
  2. Check that the associated email address ends in

If you are logged into MS 365 with a different account  (i.e., not one ending in log out of that account. Then, log into your U of T account using the instructions on our guide: Login to your Microsoft Account.

Embed MS Forms in PowerPoint

MS Forms Add-in for PowerPoint on Windows OS

Open the PowerPoint file where you wish to add the Form.

2. Access Forms add-in

  1. Select Insert tab
  2. Select Forms add-in

Note: If you are already logged into your U of T MS 365 account and your PowerPoint application is up-to-date, but you are still not seeing the Forms option in your Insert menu, you might want to reach out to your departmental IT office to check the version of Microsoft Office installed on your computer or your account license information. The ETO won't be able to troubleshoot issues with MS 365 installations since we don't have access to any details or back-end systems related to the university's Microsoft accounts.

3. Create or embed MS Form

  1. Using the list on the right of your display, choose to create a New Form, create a New Quiz, or Insert an existing form or quiz.

4. Select the option to "Present for interactive meetings"

  1. Select the option to Present for interactive meetings.

You can also re-size the form and add any instructions, if necessary.

5. Direct students to respond to the survey

  1. Direct students to scan the QR code or visit the website to respond.
MS Forms Add-in for PowerPoint on MacOS

1. Add forms as an Add-In to PowerPoint

The MS Forms add-in is not available by default on MacOS. In order to use the add-in, you will need to add it first.

  1. Open Insert tab.
  2. Select Get Add-ins.
  3. Select Admin Managed.
  4. If MS Forms add-in does not appear right away, select Refresh.
  5. Select Forms.
  6. Select Add button.
  1. Select Collect responses
  2. Select your desired sharing options. For options to make the form anonymous, read our guide: How do I create an anonymous survey (form)? 
  3. Select Copy link button to copy the URL for pasting into PowerPoint.

3. Add the Form to PowerPoint

  1. In PowerPoint, open Insert tab.
  2. Select Forms from the My Add-ins drop-down menu.
  3. Paste the Form URL onto the slide that opens up and select Insert.
  4. Select Present for Interactive meetings.
  5. The QR code and questions for the form should now appear on your slide.

Note: These same steps for using Forms in PowerPoint on a Mac will also work for your PC if you are using a personal MS 365 account (i.e., not a U of T account).

For additional information on Student/Classroom Response Systems at  U of T, have a look at CTSI's guide to Student Response Systems available at U of T.

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