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How to Add Chapters to MyMedia Videos

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Adding chapters to your online videos allows viewers to select a specific chapter and jump to that place in the video. You can create this type of navigation within videos hosted on the MyMedia platform by using Chapter Titles.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a list of chapters for videos uploaded to the MyMedia platform. In the guide, we will use the blank page option to create the chapters directly on the MyMedia interface.

Before you begin

  1. Log in to MyMedia 
  2. Upload your video file, if you haven’t already done so.
  1. Select the pencil tool icon to open the "Edit" settings for your video.

2. Create a blank file for the Chapter list

  1. Open the Text Tracks tab.
  2. Select the +Create New button.
  3. Select Chapters from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select Create a Blank File.
  5. Select the Create button.

3. Fill in the Chapter text track file

3.1. Open the blank Chapter text track file

  1. Navigate to the blank Chapter list you just created (it is located under the 'Text Tracks' tab) and select the Edit button.

3.2. Edit the text track file

You will see an empty text field with 'WEBVTT' written on the top and will need to enter the chapter titles in the following format (you can find a sample time stamp code below)

  1. Set the Time stamp for each chapter.
  2. Specify the Name for each chapter.
  3. Save any changes.
  4. Select the Refresh button to update the preview after making and saving any changes to the text track (optional).
  5. To Preview the chapters in the video player, select the List icon (optional).  

3.3. Sample Time Stamp Code

You can copy and paste the sample time stamp code below directly into the MyMedia interface or download the VTT template file for use with the Upload File option described in Section 4.2 below.  


00:00:00.000 --> 00:06:32.000

00:06:32.000 --> 00:12:08.000
Chapter 1

00:12:08.000 --> 00:23:21.000 
Chapter 2

00:23:21.000 --> 00:40:00.000
Chapter 3  
Click to copy

When adding the time stamps for your chapters, you must use the 9-digit format shown in the example above. Omitting digits will lead to errors in uploading the file to the video.

4. Download the Chapters file to reuse as a template for other videos

Once you create your Chapters file, you can download it for reuse for your other videos you want to add chapters to. Simply save a copy of the file and update the timestamps and the names of the chapters of your new videos (ensure it is saved in a .vtt format)

4.1. Download the chapters file

  1. Select the Download icon to to download a copy of the Chapters file. If the file opens in your browser instead of downloading as a local copy to your computer, you will need to select your browser save options to save a local copy (e.g., right click your mouse + Save as, or CTRL + S on your keyboard)

4.2. Use your saved chapters template

  1. When using your saved template, use the Upload a file option instead of the Create a blank file option.
  2. Select Create to upload the file and create the chapters on the video.
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