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How can I enable downloading of MyMedia videos?

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This guide contains instructions on how to enable downloading (the student can save a copy of the video) of your video content that has previously b een uploaded to MyMedia. Similar options exist for other video hosting services, too.

You might decide to provide access for students to download your video content. This can be valuable to students who might be watching videos on the go, or without wanting/needing to be connected to the Internet. For slower connections, this can allow students to download content in their off time to prepare for watching when they need to. If you are comfortable with students having a local copy of the content, it is highly recommended to enable this option to provide more flexibility in terms of accessing video content and ensuring reliable playback.

1. Login to MyMedia

  1. You can login to MyMedia on their login page.
  1. Select the pencil tool icon to open the "Edit" settings.

3. Select the "Access" tab and enable downloading.

  1. Switch to the "Privacy" tab from the "Metadata" tab.
  2. Toggle the switch to blue, indicating that this option is now enabled.
  3. Once complete, look for the message above the window saying "Successfully enabled the preference".
  4. You do not need to save and can select the "X" to return to the video listing page.
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