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How do I sign up for UofT Listservs (e.g. MyMedia)?

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UofT has many systems and groups that rely on listserves (email lists) to share updates, news, outages, etc. We recommend signing up for listservs based on the tools you use and your areas of interest. Listservs typically require self-sign up and annual re-subscription. You can unsubscribe at any time.

If you use MyMedia, we highly recommend that you sign up for the MyMedia Listserv as it is a primary means of communication from the team running the tool directly to you.

1. Go to

2. Login with your email address

  1. Navigate to the login button in the top right corner and use your credentials to login to the listserv system.

3. Search for the list you are looking to join

3.1. Search in Subscriber's Corner

  1. Go to the Subscriber's Corner
  2. Use keywords (e.g. name of topic, name of application) to find the list.
  3. Change the filter from "show subscribed lists" to "show all lists" (you might want to review what you've already subscribed for, too!).
  4. Select the Search button to show matching lists.

3.2. Search in Unlisted Lists

If you don't see the list in the Subscriber's corner, try searching for in the Access Unlisted Lists section.

  1. Select LISTSERV 16.0 to navigate to the home page
  2. Search for the name of the list


In the Search bar enter the part of the listserv email address before the "@". For example, if the listserv email address is [email protected], enter INFOTECH-L in the search.

  • The search is case-sensitive, please use capital letters for correct results.

4. Subscribe to the list

  1. After you've found a list that you'd like to subscribe to, place a check mark in the tick box.
  2. Recommended: Select the "Send email notification of changes" (to provide confirmation).
  3. Select  the "submit" button in the corner (top or bottom).

5. Confirm Subscription

After selecting the submit button, select on the blue hyperlink title of the list to reveal more information about the listserv.

  1. Text should indicate your current status of subscription.
  2. You can unsubscribe at any time.

After subscription, you'll get the next message sent out via the listserv.

Follow these steps if you can't find a listserv in the Subscriber's corner

If the listserv you are looking for is not listed in the Subscriber's corner, it might be unlisted. In this case you need to access Unlisted Lists:

1. Select Email List

Please note that the search feature does not support search by keywords. You will need to enter a part of the listserv name exactly as it is before

For example, if the full listserv address is "[email protected]", type in gradsupport-l in the search bar.


3. Select Subscribe or Unsubscribe option

4. Select Subscribe (listserv_name) button

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