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How do I add automatic captions for MyMedia videos?


Where you choose to host your course video content can determine privacy and who can view your video content.

If you choose to use an institutionally supported video hosting platform, Microsoft Stream (a part of O365 suite) or MyMedia, then video privacy settings should be taken into consideration.

Microsoft Stream creates auto captions, but sharing your video with Stream could mean that your video is searchable by the U of T community. MyMedia does not create auto-captions, but does allow for uploading captions, and sharing with privacy.

When adding captions to your videos, using both Microsoft Stream in conjunction with MyMedia can provide captions and video privacy. This guide outlines this process, including, uploading your videos:

  1. Into Microsoft Stream to generate auto captions, then
  2. Adding captions to your video on MyMedia.

1. Upload video to Microsoft Stream

  1. To generate auto-captions, first Upload your video to Microsoft Stream.

1.1. Set Privacy Permissions

  1. To edit the permissions for those who can see your video, select to expand Permissions accordion item.
  2. In the Permissions tab, ensure that your video is private and "Allow everyone in your company to view this video" is unchecked. Note: This will make it private and unsearchable for the U of T community.
  1. To navigate to your newly updated video, select on the video's title.

3. Update Video Details

In order to download the generated captions:

  1. Select "More Actions" (depicted as the horizontal 3 dots).
  2. Select "Update video details".

4. Download Automatic Captions

  1. Download the captions file by selecting "Download file" and save it to your local drive. Note: This will be a .vtt file. This is your caption file which will be used in a future step.

5. Login to MyMedia to Upload your Video

Now that you have downloaded your auto-captions, next you will add your video MyMedia. Log into MyMedia:

  1. To upload your video select "Upload".

6. Add Auto Generated Captions to Video

Once your video has been uploaded, you can add your captions as the main video Track:

  1. Add auto caption file as a media track to MyMedia video. Note: Please view video on site that provides an overview of how to upload supported text track types that MyMedia offers at present.

If you would like to add your video to your Quercus Course shell, please see:

  1. How can I copy the direct URL for my video?
  2. How do I add an external URL as a module item?
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