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How long do you keep the lectures for?

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Lecture capture files are extremely large. We don't have enough digital storage to keep the files (especially the raw recording files, which are very large) for an extended period of time. At the end of the term, we contact you to find out how you'd like to store the footage (some instructors don't need/want to keep it at all). We never delete anything until we've confirmed with you how you'd like to archive the footage.

Our recommended archival solution is OneDrive. We ask you to create and share a OneDrive folder with the ETO team and we copy your files to that folder. We can use other cloud storage services, but OneDrive has been vetted for security by the U of  T.

We keep the footage for one term after recording; during this window you are contacted with long-term storage options. Video content on YouTube (set to private) is accessible always. We will NEVER delete your content without confirming with you first.

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