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How do students access the lectures?

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Students access Lecture Captures via your Quercus course. The ETO Team will create a module and page within the modules section of your course. This can be edited by you, based on your preferences. During the term, the ETO will post the videos to your hosting services (as soon as possible after they are edited). After your class is over, the ETO will contact you about how you'd prefer to archive your footage for future review and reuse.

Before the videos are posted, the ETO team will clarify:

  1. Where to create the Recordings page in your course
  2. What video hosting service you prefer
    1. YouTube (recommended) - We add a playlist for your course to the ETO YouTube Account
    2. MyMedia - This requires the creation of a course MyMedia account; see how do I request a course (shared) MyMedia account?
  3. The level of privacy (e.g., public, unlisted, limited to the U of T community; your sharing preferences can help determine which hosting service is right for you)
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