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What should instructors do before their first class?

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For those participating in the FASE Lecture Capture Program, this checklist provides guidance on what instructors should do before their first class.

The EdTech Office creates a lecture capture page within your Quercus shell. Before the term begins, confirm that you can see this page. If you can't, this means that we've likely created it in the wrong section (it happens). We've done our best to “guess” at which section your lectures should be included in. If you can't see it, that means your students cannot either. This page will be unpublished and you are able to edit it to customize it for your students.

Example of Quercus page with video playlist embedded:

If you know that your schedule changed at the last minute, or if you need to cancel a course (or know that you don't need capture for a class), please let the EdTech Office know as soon as possible. We will also do our best to confirm your room location directly before the first capture.

Students access the video content through your Quercus shell. If your course is not published, students will not be able to access this content.

Let them know this is happening! We've heard from some students that they didn't even know the classes were being recorded until well into the term.

Share how you'd like to see the service used (e.g. come to class but to use as review) and how they can access the recordings. Remind them that while we aim to post every class same day, there can be times where there are technical or other issues; this is a supplementary service not the primary mode of delivery.

You are done. Great job!

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