Share your session's learning goals and outcomes

By starting each session by sharing what the session will cover and, more importantly, what your attendees will get out of it, you'll ensure that everyone starts at the same spot. It will also help you keep focused during the session and stick to your scope.

Methods for sharing learning outcomes with attendees:

  1. Visual
  2. Verbal

1. List the outcomes in point form

1.1. Download editable file

2. Run through the list verbally, expanding as needed

The verbal run through can include:

  • how these link to previous outcomes and sessions
  • how they connect to any assessments
  • A pause to ask if there are any questions, before you proceed

This content was modified from ACT's Facilitator Package: Teaching from a Distance: Webinars and Lecture Recording. A recorded version of the session is also available (led by ACT's Justin Fletcher and Tamara Bahr), "Teaching from a Distance."