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How to use Mentimeter for Live Q&A

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Mentimeter can be used as to support a live Q&A during any activity but is particularly useful during a live stream event where your goal is to blend in person and online question activity.

A link to the Q&A can be shared to participants and viewed on their devices. Alternately, especially if you are in a TEAL room, the Q&A could be displayed on one of the large in room display screens.

As of December 2019, the ETO has a pro license to use Mentimeter, which also enables the moderator feature. For most events, you likely would not need to enable this feature.

1. Select the Q&A Question Type from the options.

2. Support the speaker by marking the questions as answered OR by identifying a moderator who will perform this task.

  1. This option does not appear to those participating in the Q&A session; it only shows to the one who created the Q&A.

2.1. View of the participant interface.

  1. Select this option to participate by entering questions.
  2. Select this option to leave the Mentimeter session (if selected, participants would have to re-enter the code to use the session).

Participants can:

  1. View the recent questions (logged in order of submission) or the top questions (ranked by likes).
  2. Like a question (in order to move it to the top - the speaker can rank the questions by "top questions" in order to filter the ones that audience most wants answered).
  3. Type a question to be answered.
  4. Submit a question to be answered.

Note that if a question is submitted, it is viewable to the entire audience (even if not displayed on a screen, participants can see submissions on their devices. If you don't want this to happen, you should use the moderator option but this does require a pro account).

3. Review the questions that have been submitted.

  1. By expanding the question icon (in presentation mode), you can see a list of the questions that have been asked (and which ones have been marked as responded to).
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