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Communicate expectations to your attendees (includes editable email templates)

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1. Send your attendees an announcements, email, inbox messages, etc.

This email template can be modified for the particulars of your session. In general, you want to try to address:

  1. Introduction to the webinar tool and the event - Are people using this webinar tool for the first time? Is there something they need to download (e.g., a desktop application)? What is the purpose of the session and what are the expectations?
  2. Testing and preparation details - Are you offering a pre-session test? How can people ensure that they have a working set up? Are there support resources that you want to share?
  3. Expected etiquette for session - How should people interact? Will you manage questions using the hand raise feature? Do you want people to introduce themselves?
  4. Session logistics - how will your session run? What time do you want people to login? What is the URL for the session? Are there any settings you've specified (e.g. microphones are muted) that people should know in advance, to help manage their expectations?
  5. Day of technical support - will you have someone in the session to manage this? Or are you expecting this to be worked out pre-session?
  6. How and who to contact for technical support - who should they contact if they are experiencing difficulty? (Please do not provide the EdTech Office's email here unless previously agreed upon.)

2. Include U of T's Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Statement

“The University of Toronto is committed to equity, human rights and respect for diversity. All members of the learning environment in this course should strive to create an atmosphere of mutual respect where all members of our community can express themselves, engage with each other, and respect one another’s differences. U of T does not condone discrimination or harassment against any persons or communities.”

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