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Share an "Entry" slide with your participants (students)

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It never hurts to provide your webinar participants (your students or guests) with a bit of an introduction to the tool that they will be using for the session - there is no reason to have a participant join a session and see only a blank screen. Attached below is an example slide (there is also an editable file) that you can use to communicate key information. It is designed to be self-diagnostic; the idea is that when someone joins the session, they'll see this landing slide and will follow the instructions (while waiting for the session to begin).

1. FASE ETO Entry Slide Examples

You can download the Powerpoint Files and edit them for use in your sessions. We recommend customizing the text for the features that you plan to use and clearly articulating the etiquette you'd like to see used in the session.

1.2. MS Teams Entry Slide

2. CTSI Entry Slide Example: Editable PowerPoint File

Example of an entry slide (which includes in session etiquette); this one is particularly handy because it directs you to where to download the presentation file. Remember that you can customize what information is included on this "slide" for your particular session.

What if there are technical issues or questions? When the session begins, the moderator can inquire as to whether or not there are any questions, or can share how they would like to manage those issues (e.g. typing in the chat box and having a TA or other moderator support individual issues).

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