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Ensure your own readiness

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1. Ensure your own readiness

  1. Review technical considerations
  2. Ensure you have equipment:
    • Headset, headphones with microphone, or external mic
    • Webcam (if sharing video)
  3. Wired or stable wireless internet connection
  4. Run a practice session with your teaching team (with enough lead time to adjust, if necessary)

2. Ensure your own Readiness (immediately before session)

  1. Gather notes
  2. Open all applications/files required for the class session (to make sharing easier and quicker)
  3. Close unnecessary applications/files on your computer
  4. Disable desktop notifications (e.g., Outlook)
  5. Eliminate nearby distractions where possible
  6. Conduct audio and screensharing test

This content was modified from ACT's Facilitator Package: Teaching from a Distance: Webinars and Lecture Recording. A recorded version of the session is also available (led by ACT's Justin Fletcher and Tamara Bahr), "Teaching from a Distance."

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