How to create a Top Hat Student Account

Some instructors might use Top Hat, a classroom response system, in your classes. The Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering has a license with Top Hat, which means you do not have to pay for this service. You will be given a Join Code by your Instructors OR you will be added by them to a Top Hat Course - you never need to provide credit card information.

You only need to register and create a Top Hat Account once.

Before you begin: To complete these instructions, it is recommended that you to have a JOIN CODE for a course.

Enter the Top Hat Registration URL into your preferred browser.

2. Select "Student" from the options.

  1. Select on the "Sign-up as a student" button.

3. Find your course with your Join Code.

  1. Enter the JOIN CODE: This is a code that is provided to you by your Instructor. Often this is sent out in an announcement or is shared on Quercus.
  2. Confirm the course is correct: After you've entered the code, the course will display for you to confirm.
  3. Select "Join this Course:" Once confirmed, select the button to join the course.

4. Create your Account.

Fill out the form, including: First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, and select the option for the Terms and Conditions.